Not able to change owncloud data folder to /home/owncloud,


Owncloud data issue in Centos 6.7

When i am changing ownlcoud data folder from /root to /home via config File it is giving an error on web link

“Data directory is not writable by Owncloud”

I have given apache owner to that folder but the issue remains

i have also created a symbolic link for data folder but then too issue not solved

Is there anything that i am missing?

Yes. There is a doc on this topic.

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I have tried the same except the SQL queries, but the issue remains as i am not hands on to SQL queries

This is not enough, the db needs to be updated.

Sounds too general. What about the directories below, config etc? Ownership is only one part, permission the other one.

Please take this into account:

ok will check with this once and let you know



i have done as per both the links given, but still issue remains same

please help me on this…

You should give more details, otherwise nobody can help.

This error is coming when i am changing Data directory path in config.php file

as per the links i have created a symbolic link between /var/www/html/owncloud/data to /home/owncloud, but after changing the data path in config this error comes

My concern is to make /home/owncloud/data directory usable rather then /var/www/html/owncloud/data

But you still give no info about the current situation. Ownership and permissions of the two directories in question. Nobody can help here.:roll_eyes:

I have installed owncloud 10 in centos 6.7 installation path is /var/www/html/owncloud, this is having apache user and group ownership and 775 as permissions
owncloud is getting accessible via browser successfully and the database type is mysql
but as /var/www/html/owncloud is located in root mount which is of max 50 GB i need to change data directory to /home

Now i have created a symlink from old path to /home path and also changed data path in config and mysql (via phpMyAdmin)

httpd service restarted

now when i access owncloud on browser i am getting

your data directory is not writable by owncloud

Why do you need a symlink, when you have changed the path in config and db?

even after canceling the symlink and changing path in db and config the issue remains same

ls -la /home/owncloud | head -n 2


IIRC, http user for centos is apache. So why do you expect it should be allowed into roots directory?

Should i change owner of home to apache?

Not of /home (!), but /home/owncloud and everything below.

done for /home/owncloud whole directory
httpd servive restarted
but then too its showing that data directory is not writable


grep datadirectory /var/www/html/owncloud/config/config.php | sed “s/[’,]//g” | cut -d’ ’ -f5 | xargs ls -la | head -n 2