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I’m a beginner with own cloud and raspberry.
Today, I’d created some directory. Each directory is shared with one user.
I’d like to receive email notification if user add files on his directory and send notifications to user if I had file on his directory.
Is it possible to do that and how ?
Thanks for helping.
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Thanks but even if update notification are enabled it’s doesn’t really works!
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Do you have the activity app installed?

Hi, same problem here with owncloud 10.1. I Have the activity app installed. My cron work perfect every 15 minutes. What more can i do to the mail activity work??? I also have marked all the marked boxes so that you notify me everything. Any log where you can see what could be the reason why not send the mails of the activities?

Sign in with your admin_username go Settings, under Admin click General and configure your Email server then press Send email in order to check if the email is sent or not.

everything is already configured and it works. The test mail works, and some things it notifies as the creation of account and change of pass. But editing, changing and creating files and folders does not work.

Under Admin/Sharing do you have
Allow users to send mail notification for shared files
Allow users to send mail notification for shared files to other users

Everything is already configured and it works. But activity editing, changing and creating files and folders does not work the mail notifications.

This specific activity notifications mails don’t work.

I’m using version and I do not see the same information.

In the section App you have de option to install apps. For this type of notifications have the app Activity.

The ownCloud Activity application enables users to not only get a summarized overview of all file and folder events in their ownCloud, but also to receive notifications for such via email. The user can configure their individual Activity preferences in their personal settings and can decide in detail which file or folder actions should be listed in the Activity stream (accessible via the app launcher) and also for which file or folder actions the users wants to receive email notifications. The bulk email notifications can either be sent out hourly, daily or weekly to fit the specific needs of the individual user.

From creation of new files or folders, to file or folder changes, updates, restores from trash bin, sharing activities, comments, tags and downloads from public share links - the ownCloud Activity app gathers all file or folder related actions in one place for the user to review. For users with lots of activity it is possible to limit the Activity stream to ‘Favorites’ in order to avoid noise. Furthermore the application provides filters to give users the means to maintain overview by reducing entries to relevant information.

And there you have it - a complete overview of all file and folder activities in your ownCloud with the additional ability to receive activity notifications via email in a time interval of your choice. Never again miss an important event related to content in ownCloud and always be up-to-date on all activities of your files and folders.

Email notifications are not sent immediately. There are 3 option: hourly, daily or weekly.
I can see you have hourly, did you wait for an hour?

my option is 1 hour. And don’t work.

Depending on how you test you maybe need to enable the “Notify about your own actions via email” checkbox to get email notifications?

Additionally i have noticed a few things:

  • You haven’t stated which ownCloud version you are running exactly (there was 10.1.0 and 10.1.1)
  • My Activity app version is 2.5.0 where you are using 2.4.2
  • There is a yellow banner on one of your posted screenshots, maybe you need to do some fixes mentioned there first?
  • Maybe upgrading to 10.2.0 could make sense?
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I have installed Activity app shared a directory with an user and the user uploaded a file. After an hour email came with notification.

Hello user1,

You are receiving this email because the following things happened at ownCloud

You created Class.txt - Today at 4:31:34 PM
You shared Documents with user2 - Today at 4:34:56 PM
protektwar created Documents/Class.txt - Today at 4:35:33 PM
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Don’t notify any actions via email from the app activity. I test every action posibly. Is enable all checkbox to get a mail for all activity, include my activity.

The yellow banner is because i change one pictura and don’t pass the integrity check, not match the hash pictura file

This type of mails activiy i need and dont work.

the last version version that appears to me is activity 2.4.2
i have the owncloud version 10.1.0


maybe you can review the remaining items in the previous comment:

I have also tested this on my own ownCloud 10.2.0 installation and everything works as expected for me.