OC 10.0.1 - open directory - uppercase usernames can't login


We've installed OC 10.0.1 on a Mac Mini running macOS Sierra (10.12.5).
We have linked OC with an open directory server (Mac Mini running macOS Sierra as well, server version 5.3.1).

In the "User Authentication" settings, we manage to verify the configuration as successful.
There is one group and 55 users which are verified here.

However, if we try to log in with an open directory user having a capital letter in the username (for example Test, tESt, TEST, …), we are not able to log in, knowing that we use the exact same format (Test). The message "Wrong password. Reset it?" appears.
Open Directory users having all lowercase characters have no problem logging in (even if I enter them in uppercase on the OC login page ! ).

I've played around with the LDAP settings but I can't seem to find the solution.
I found out that there used to be a "Case insensitive LDAP Server" checkbox which have been removed a few version of OC ago.

Also, this guy https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/13346 has the same problem and found out that the problem started from El Capitan...

Did anybody experience this problem before and might have a solution or something that might push me in the right direction?

Thank you for your time!

How did you do that? ownCloud is not supported on Mac and the installed should have thrown a warning ....

Hi Alabo,

I also have OC 8, then 9 insalled on MacOS Server (10.10.5). I also have similar issues, but to get around this (and this has word sucessfully for about 2 years now!) is just to get users to log in with their shortened LDAP username. For example I have Person Ten log in as personten with the persons LDAP password.

That said, I am assuming since you're on a Mac Server you're using Open Directory and authenticating against that?

I have also just posted an article on here regarding LDAP login issues...
https://central.owncloud.org/t/ldap-user-logging-in-issue-possible-solution/9193 which may and or may not be of any help.