ownCloud 9.1.1 is out with a ton of Bugfixes. Check it out!



Version 9.1.1 Sep 20 2016

Get it from here: https://owncloud.org/install/#
Link to the changelog: https://owncloud.org/changelog/#latest9.1

Version 9.1.1 Sep 20 2016

Core: Remove OCS response body for HTTP status 204 and 304 which disturbed some firewalls - core/#25835
Core: Map Oracle driver options to params - core/#23938
Core: Log cron job class name for easier troubleshooting - core/#25743
Core: Skip version and trash expiry for users that never logged in - core/#25741
Core: Added white download icons for apps to use - core/#23891
Core: Fix warning about undefined offset in LoginController - core/#25714
Core: Fix warning about undefined two factor providers - core/#25606
Core: Load app before executing its repair steps - core/#25674
Core: Fix "defaultapp" setting - core/#25562
Core: Fix issue when opening some file app links received in share emails - core/#25200
Core: Reconnect DB in occ files:scan to avoid DB timeouts - core/#25853
Core: Fix status.php page redirection with non-standard port - core/#25946
Core: Improve users page loading performance with many groups - core/#25922
Core: Don't log credentials from tryLogin - core/#25895
Core: Fix password recovery with case sensitive user names - core/#25684
Core: Fix two factor page cyclic reload with some providers - core/#25893
Core: Add visual feedback when updating password in users page - core/#25532
Core: Fix useless warning when overwriting file when open_basedir is set - core/#26033
Files: Display hidden files in footer and selection summary - core/#25855
Files: Fix hidden files handling with insertion or selection - core/#25856
DAV: Faster classification migration in CalDAV - core/#25638
DAV: Error message about forbidden password login is now logged in debug level - core/#25486
DAV: Return "data-fingerprint" property on any file related element - core/#25482
DAV: Fix missing properties in CalDAV subscriptions - core/#24469
DAV: Improve performance of chunking in new DAV endpoint- core/#26072
Sharing: Fixed wrong insufficient storage error - core/#25582
Sharing: Prevent shared storage recursions to avoid memory issues and crashes - core/#25557
Sharing: Group received shares which have same source and target - core/#25113
Sharing: Fix sharing over API when dealing with trailing slashes - core/#25464
Sharing: Fix public upload issue with quota in some scenarios - core/#24751
Sharing: Fix issue where videos did not play from share links with PHP 7 - core/#25483
Sharing: Fix BadMethodCallException in cron or scanner - core/#25506
Sharing: Prevent ghost mounts for deleted/orphaned shares - core/#26001
Sharing: Fix fatal error for users with older existing shares from OC <= 8.2 - core/#25933
Sharing: Always allow share owner to increase permissions - core/#25542
Sharing: Properly retry federated shares after they were unavailable - core/#26037
Sharing: Reallow spaces in federated share autocomplete in share dialog - core/#25955
Encryption: OCC command for decryption now doesn't decrypt received shares - core/#25599
Files_external: Removed reference magic to avoid potential infinite loops - core/#25844
Files_external: Added conditional trace logging for debugging SMB on production systems - core/#25758
Files_external: Fix config database issue when using Oracle - core/#25764
Files_external: SMB subfolders with read-only attribute are now writeable in OC to match spec - core/#24608
Files_external: Fix "save in session" mode when using Webdav without cookies/session - core/#25511
Files_external: Respect theme for external folder icon - core/#25461
Files_external: Disable NFD encoding wrapper that was enabled by mistake for local storages - core/#25819
Files_external: Some SMB fixes and better debug logging - core/#25817
Files_trashbin: Add occ command to trigger trashbin retention expiration - core/#25878
Files_versions: Add occ command to trigger versions retention expiration - core/#25878
LDAP: Fix login issue when dealing with display name of deleted users - core/#23248
LDAP: Prevent triggering email change events at login time for unchanged email - core/#25553
LDAP: Fix login and logging issue with big avatars by reducing their size - core/#25857
LDAP: Hide LDAP admin password in wizard - core/#25702
Provisioning API: Fixed issue where subadmins could not change group memberships - core/#25496
Provisioning API: Added flag to enable/disable two-factor auth for users - core/#25876
Activity: Fix owner name processing for received federated shares - core/#24938
Updater: Fix web update issue with filesystem apps - updater/#371
Antivirus: Fix incorrect report of file size - files_antivirus/#120
Antivirus: Fix background scan - files_antivirus/#109

"Insufficient Storage" in shared folder for other user