ownCloud Android app 2.5.0 released

Hello everybody,

today we are very glad to say that the new version of the ownCloud Android app is here.

The new 2.5.0 app includes awesome stuff, such as OAuth2 support, show file listing option (a.k.a. anonymous upload) for public links (OC X required in your server) so that people can upload files to the folder you're sharing without knowing about them while you will be able to see all the content of the folder.

Besides, we have taken into account your feedback and included a first approach to fix the instant uploads, which work will be resumed in the next releases.

And last but not least, UI improvements such as hiding share icon when resharing is forbidden and improving feedback when uploading infected files, and bug fixing.

Available for download in Google Play Store:

The workaround app for Jelly Bean has been also updated in Google Play Store, for those that still need it:

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OAuth2 app for the ownCloud server has been released in the ownCloud Marketplace: