ownCloud core switching to Semver, apps need re-release

Hi! Today we announce a change to the versioning scheme of the ownCloud core platform, aka the ownCloud Server.

The ownCloud core platform is going to switch to Semver. The upcoming release will be called ownCloud 10.1 but will technically be the next minor version of the current code which lives in the stable10 branch which is a continuation of 10.0.10. In the future, both core and apps should follow the Semver principles and in particular apply to the following guidelines:

  • Major.Minor.Patch / Breaking.Feature.Fix
  • Version numbers indicate the contents and upgrade procedures of new releases
  • if an app only has bugfixes, only increase the patch version.
  • If bigger changes were done like new minor features added, or database changes or migrations will be performed, the minor version component must be increased.
  • Breaking changes will be released as a new major version.

Please note that migrations will not run any more for patch level releases starting with ownCloud core platform 10.1. This will make it possible for administrators to anticipate whether an update can be applied with minimal downtime for a patch release (no migrations) or whether it could take much longer.

App developers should re-release their apps after setting the “max-version” field to “10” instead of “10.0” in “appinfo/info.xml”, and increase the app’s version as well
to make sure ownCloud picks up the change. This is required because else ownCloud 10.1 will think that the apps are not compatible any more and will refuse to update or enable them.

Currently the release timeline for 10.1 is around mid-December 2018.

Please also note that version suffixes for apps will not be supported yet in ownCloud 10.1 nor marketplace and only fully supported in the future starting with ownCloud 11 as it requires bigger changes to underlying APIs.
There will be upcoming work on the marketplace to make room for update channels which will pave the way for fully supporting version suffixes there.