OwnCloud doesnt load my Files up on my iPad Pro

Hey my iPad doesnt load up my files, i took a file from the cloud and changed 1-2 Texts in an excel sheet after this i saved the file. On my Computer the Workflow is right, i change anything and the changed file is uploading , but on my iPad it doesnt work. Someone here who knows what i have to or can help me ?

Hi and welcome,

a few tips.

  1. Use the right category. You question has nothing to do with owncloud.org the site.

You are having trouble with the iOS app -> iOS Category.

  1. When opening a new issue make sure there has not yet been a similar issue opened. Maybe there has already been an answer to your question :slight_smile: That way you use the forum for what it’s intended to do - provide help for the users from other users. Here is the search icon. It’s at the top of the page.


And here is the result of my search. Please read this and maybe your questions will be answered.

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