Word/Excel on iPad will not allow to edit and save files in ownCloud


One of our customer has an office 365 personal licence. He uses a storage via ownCloud to open his excel and word documents.

He cannot get his modifications to be saved in both the scenarios described below.

The ideal would be that the first scenario works as this is simpler for the user. We cannot understand why the file is read only even if the user has a valid Office 365 licence…

Any ideas?


Steps to reproduce

First scenario he tried

  1. Open files within ownCloud and then selects Copy to Excel…

  2. Files open in Excel for iOS but read only ??

Second scenario he tried

  1. Open Excel

  2. Open Places - More…

  3. Select ownCloud

  4. Find and open excel file in ownCloud client

  5. File is open read-write

  6. User can make changes

  7. But auto save fails with error in the ownCloud client…

  8. File changes are not saved and there is an error in the ownCloud upload panel

Expected behaviour

Tell us what should happen

User opens an Excel/Word document in the ownCloud iOS client, selects copy to Excel/Word, edits the document and when done the document is automatically updated back into ownCloud with the Auto Update function of Excel/Word.

Actual behaviour

Tell us what happens instead

See above

Server configuration

Web server: Apache

Database: MySQL 5.5.59

PHP version: 5.6.30

ownCloud version: 9.1.8

Storage backend (external storage): N/A


iOS version: 11.4.1

ownCloud app version: 3.7.5

Device model: iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Air 2 9.7


Web server error log

Insert your webserver log here - N/A

ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log)

Insert your ownCloud log here : N/A

Tell us what could be improved:

Hi, this is know issue in the current app.

The workaround is to open the file in exel, save a copy in files on your ipad, edit the copy, and then save the copy again to owncloud with a different name.

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Thanks for the information Dmitry,

So your are saying it’s an ownCloud app issue, not a Word or Excel one?

Yes, we are working on files integration with the ownCloud app.

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Ok, good to know, any time line?

It’s a bummer for the customer (a retired executive) as he was really eager to be able to update his MS files in a easy way. The workaround is a bit complicated for him and extra work, but we will try to see what we can do.


No known timeline, sorry. But we are working on it

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Ok, Thanks.

What is intriguing, is that in our test, from time to time it works… Only in the second scenario, when we open from Excel/Word and fetch the spreadsheet/document in Places/ownCloud.

Go figure it out…

Hi Dmitry, that are good news. Does it mean that all my files from ipad can be saved to my OC after your successful effort ? Pdf, xls, word, pages, numbers … ?

Best regards


You can edit office documents on your ipad and save the copies of them to ownCloud.

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are there any new News about this project ?

If you want the latest news, you can join the beta program and get the latest features:

To join the ownCloud beta, tap the link on your iPhone or iPad after you install TestFlight

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Yes , this Version Works Fine !
When will it released ?

@Hubrach we released it last weeks as a new app in the App Store:
A complete rewrite of the ownCloud iOS app - now available in the App Store!

Today we already released the first update with 4 improvements.

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This was so far an issue but I think new OwnCloud beta looks a definite solutions for editing all kinds of file