ownCloud Infinite Scale 2.0.0 is GA!

yesterday was a very exciting day for the ownCloud community because

ownCloud Infinite Scale 2.0.0 was released as “General Availability”.

That means that it is now available for production use. We are happy to now offer this solution, which is completely released under open source licenses, to the community and our customers.

Here is a brief overview of what is available with this release:

  • The Infinite Scale backend, a brand new architected backend component for file sync and share and content collaboration. Written in Golang following a microservices architecture paradigm. Based on REVA, a collaboration platform maintained by the CS3 community which we are proudly part of.
  • A brand new web client based on vue.js following latest design and UX principles. Slim, efficient to use and fully accessible.
  • Fully compatible desktop-, iOS- and Android clients (soon) which support Infinite Scale features and ownCloud 10
  • Multiple deployment models for the backend from simple single binary deployment via docker to scaling setups in modern cloud infrastructure
  • Complete new admin documentation

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this release. It was a long way to get here which would not have been possible without our partners and the ownCloud community.

You can download a runnable binary or check the Infinite Scale source code.

We are looking forward to getting your feedback!


Hi! Good news! Is it possible to upgrade version 10 to ownCloud Infinite Scale 2.0 without data loss? Is there a detailed update instruction?


So excited to see this reach GA :slight_smile: Have been following along with OCIS for a while now, congratulations on all the hard work coming to fruition!

Question on the future of Infinite Scale: I was excited to see that there is no CLA on the Infinite Scale GitHub, and just wondered if the plan is to keep OCIS fully open source or the plan is to transition to open core like the old model.

Congrats again, thanks for all you do for the community!


Thanks for the praise, we are happy the first GA version is out!
ownCloud Infinite Scale (oCIS) is the server backend and currently the name of the overall offering.
Indeed as we are using a liberal Apache 2.0 license here, no CLA is necessary.
We and others will be able to do Open Source, commercial or even proprietary extensions - due to the liberal license.
ownCloud Web = the web frontend we provide for oCIS is AGPLv3 licensed, with a CLA (or MIT for small outside contributions) and is provided with an ownCloud Commercial License to our enterprise subscription customers.
We don’t expect changes into the licensing scheme above. We will likely enhance around the product with items like log management, service operations in a Kubernetes environment, etc.
Generally I think open core models are a good thing as long as the core is valuable on its own and the Apache 2.0 license allows not only us, but also others to diversify the business models or not, depending on demand.


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i think it could make sense to “unpin” this topic as it seems OCIS is now already at version 4.0:

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