ownCloud OPP - long-term planning

Please post your long-term feature wishes according to the blog post (ownCloud Community: Open Planning Process) in here sticking to the following pattern:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable)
  • Quick summary of the use case
  • Problem it solves / why you think this is important

Apart from that, please vote for other feature wishes to participate in the process even if you do not have own suggestions. Discussion should be kept in the respective topics.

Have your voice!

I would like to have a welcome screen that informs users about new major features or changes after performing an update.

  • Title: Welcome screen for users after an update
  • Category: Usability/user experience
  • Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable): https://central.owncloud.org/t/welcome-screen-for-users-after-an-update-changes-new-features/
  • Quick summary of the use case: After an update is applied, users should be notified about the update and introduced to new features/changes.
  • Problem it solves / why you think this is important: Right now users do not necessariliy notice when updates are applied and many of them will miss great improvements unless they discover them 'by accident'. This should be changed in order to provide a better user experience.

Title Official support for ownCloud Server for OS X/macOS.
Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable) NA
Quick summary of the use case Installing and using ownCloud Server on OS X or macOS in a supported fashion (it already works as proved by myself and many others, but official support for this is requested).
Problem it solves / why you think this is important Many people host their web servers on macMini boxes in colocation facilities - it is an inexpensive, compact, secure, server. Officially supporting ownCloud on these boxes will broaden its adoption, and will require only minimal (if any) changes. I have been running 9.1 on such a configuration for > 6 months and no apparent problems so far. There are others in the forums here who have done the same. There is no reason to avoid this platform, since it has all the necessary tools built in if one installs OS X server (a $20 add on). One can also get all these tools for free with installations like Xampp or mamp.

Thank you.


Title: OwnCloud Sync to Traditional Server File Share
Category: Backup - Disaster Recovery
Quick summary of the use case: Need to backup info in OwnCloud as it changes

Problem it solves / why you think this is important: Today you can backup OwnCloud through DB backups, but a file that changes multiple times then deleted between backups is not recoverable.

We use OwnCloud for several dozen courses a year and we always have students deleting the wrong info or over-writing files with older versions, etc. I assure you that no current OwnCloud backup feature can survive a student with a delete key.

We want the ability to have several course folders in OwnCloud like:

Course3... etc.

Any changes in those OwnCloud accounts be sync'ed to a traditional Windows server file share called:

Course3... etc. That we designate.

Those file shares will sync on any changes and can be backed up whenever changes are made, have full versioning & can support historical restoration. We can also give staff access to the shares for their courses to dump info to the students which will be sync'd to the individual OwnCloud accounts. This allows OwnCloud to stay online continuously.

The desktop client feature is insufficient for the scale of several dozen accounts.


PS. These forums are very hard to use. Small edit windows and no way to make them larger. Very 1980's.

Title: Improved interface
Category: interface
Quick summary of the use case:
icon "download", which is located next to each file and constantly hidden in the class "action-menu" to display always
Problem it solves / why you think this is important:
all of our users have to each time to explain how to download one file. When they see a familiar icon "Download" next to the file, they will understand what to do.

Now notice reporting that the user started to download a file. It would be better to receive notification that the file was downloaded by 100%.

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I'd love to see integration with the new LibreOffice Online. I think that'd be a powerful combination.

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Try onlyoffice. It is here and imho much much better than libreoffice.

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IFTTT connector. Automating vs. ownCloud would be awesome. This is their current list, which I use ownCloud to escape ...

Yep. But IFTTT would need to do something ... not much we can do from our side.

Title: Gallery view for IOS APP
Category: IOS APP
Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable):
Quick summary of the use case: Gallery view for viewing photos in addition to the list view, it will make it more like the original IOS photo view and you'll be able to pretty much just use ownCloud to view photos.
Problem it solves / why you think this is important: Viewing photos in list view icons are tiny on the iPhone and it would match the regular IOS photo's view.

IOS list view vs Android gallery view option

Title: Put back desktop client symlink support as a power option

Category: Client/Desktop (Windows)

Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable):

Quick summary of the use case: Put back support for symbolic link in windows desktop client as with an option, hidden option or command line option

Problem it solves / why you think this is important: In the past the desktop client was supporting symbolic link and it was a a very nice feature. But due to the lack of knowledge of some users, it was removed from the client to avoid loop during file tree hierarchy building.
Could you please add it back ?
It is really useful to add folders outside of the synchronized folder.
Best would be to add it as option, (hidden or not) or like a feature needed an specific argument from the command line. This would prevent end-users creating loop with symlink to use it but still allow power users to have the wonderful nice feature. If power user, activate symlink support but create loop -> too bad for them, fight itself.

Any special treatment/checks for symlink could be drop as responsibility would be transferred to user and no more developers.

hey @g1franc would you mind posting your feature request here? https://github.com/owncloud/client

That is where the devs mainly hang around.


Title: Smarter process of creating new user from the ownCloud UI
Category: User Management

Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable):

Send password reset or activation link to new user:
https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/17398 and https://github.com/owncloud/core/pull/18485

Quick summary of the use case: The user management in the admin UI leads to "inventive" workarounds for creating users. I know ldap, occ and enterprise edition offer some more options here, but it would be very nice to have it all within the ownCloud UI without any complex workaround. If I create a new user with username, password and email, the user should get this as one-time-password with a link to set the password or just the link to set a new password.

Problem it solves / why you think this is important:
If I create a new user, I have to send login credentials manually by email or another communication channel to new users. It would be nice to do it 100 % from ownCloud without any other communication channel to send the password.

Hi Plastikschnitzer,

both the issue and pull request you refer to throw a 404. However I have good news for you: What you request is already possible! In the user management UI you can click on the wheel on the bottom left to get additional options. If you tick the checkbox 'Send mail to new user' and enter an address upon user creation the new user receives a mail with advice on how to log in to your ownCloud instance. Also the new 'Guests' app (see https://marketplace.owncloud.com/apps/guests) enables users to add guest user accounts and to share by mail, respectively. Those also receive a mail with instructions on how to set a password and gain access to oC. Hope this is helpful for you!

@pmaier1 Thank you for your notice! I just copied the link from the old thread and it added something to the URLs which made them not work any more. Links are fixed now.

No, my request is not possible yet, see the github tickets are still open! They were both sheduled for past releases but never made it to the final release, thats why I am posting them here once again. I tested it in ownCloud 10.0.2 with ticking the checkbox "Send Mail to new user": This email contains just the Cloud URL and the username, no further instructions – like in ownCloud 9.x.

About the guest-app: I did not check it yet, but I consider the features mentioned above as core functionality.

Title: List move / rename file in activity stream
Category: File / Activity app
Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable): https://github.com/owncloud/activity/issues/375
Quick summary of the use case: If you rename or move a file, theis process is not listed in the activity app.
Problem it solves / why you think this is important: It would be very nice to see in the activity stream if files are moved or renamend to give you full control over everything what happens within your files. Sometimes you search for files which were renamed and you can not find them any more...even worse if they were moved at the same time. Sometimes user move files by accident, and it would be very nice to see who it was :wink:

thats already possible: https://owncloud.org/blog/libreoffice-online-has-arrived-in-owncloud/