ownCloud Server 10.12.1 - Minor release with some fixes

Today we announce the immediate release of ownCloud Server 10.12.1 with some small fixes.
Download is available here: Download Server Packages - ownCloud

Besides two small fixes for (unsupported) 32-bit systems, we made a fix in the password enforcement (enterprise feature via password policy app) and fixed an issue with the texteditor.

Additionally we fixed two issues which are regressions in 10.12.0 from previous releases:

Add RewriteBase to .htaccess

Referencing Known Issues of 10.12.0. In previous core versions, the setting of the htaccess.RewriteBase config.php option was not added to the generated .htaccess file. The use of a more hardened .htaccess file in version 10.12.0, introduced by #40584, caused the files view in the web UI to be empty in setups described in the referenced known issue. Additionally, the desktop app was not be able to sync and an error 405 (Method not allowed) was returned. The htaccess.RewriteBase is now correctly added to the .htaccess file, see the fix at #40697.

Respect User Home Folder Naming Rule for Chunks Uploads

When using the User Home Folder Naming Rule (configurable in the Advanced tab of the LDAP wizard), which allows to specify the home folder by means of an LDAP attribute, chunks of users’ uploads were wrongly created under the default data directory rather than inside the configured home directory. We are now using the getHome() method for getting the user’s home so that chunks uploads respect the configured home directory. #40693, #40719

Updated App Versions

For more details, such as other notable changes, please read the full Release Notes :: ownCloud Documentation and our Server Changelog - ownCloud.


Direct download links for reference: