ownCloud Server 10.2.2 released?

Hello ownCloud community,

currently i think it is not clear if ownCloud 10.2.2 has been released. For example i had found the following:

which seems to indicate that version 10.12.2 has been released.

On the other hand i didn’t got any update notification within my ownCloud instance and most prominently the download page on owncloud.com is still referencing version 10.12.1.

To me it looks like there is an ongoing issue with the release process of new ownCloud versions:

  1. From time to time the update notification for new releases within ownCloud doesn’t show any new update for non-transparent reasons
  2. New releases are not consistently announced at News - ownCloud Central and Latest news, blog and updates all things ownCloud
  3. There are inconsistent release dates of versions, for example with version 10.12.1:


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I was wondering the same, I’m quite sure I noticed that 10.2.2 was out on the server download page a few days ago, and the very next day, it seemed gone. :person_shrugging:

If you go to the older version page you will notice that 10.2.1 is registered twice.

BUT, I just downloaded the one I show with the red arrow and checked the CHANGELOG.md and also version.php

$ cat version.php 
$OC_Version = array(10,12,2,1);
$OC_VersionString = '10.12.2';
$OC_Channel = 'stable';
$OC_Edition = 'community';
$OC_VersionCanBeUpgradedFrom = [[8,2,11],[9,0,9],[9,1]];
$OC_Build = '2023-06-06T15:12:40+00:00 01ece70d7519e6fbea5b11fd5183c84c795e6862';
$vendor = 'owncloud';

It seems to be the latest version, but there is clearly a problem with communication about ownCloud server. Nothing on the forum, nothing in the rss feed either.

Thanks !

P.S: this download link does work https://download.owncloud.com/server/stable/owncloud-10.12.2.tar.bz2

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Yes, it was released. Late with the announcement here …

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thank you for the confirmation. But i think not only the announcement here is required but also an update of:

  • Download Server Packages - ownCloud because it looks to me that this is still referencing to 10.12.1 as well :slightly_frowning_face:
  • the update server to notify users of the released version 10.12.2
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it seems the info about ownCloud 10.12.2 (including the notification via the update notification) has been updated now.

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