ownCloud Server 10.2.0 RC3 released



ownCloud Server 10.2.0RC3 has been released and contains fixes for issues found during testing.
We expect this release candidate to be the last one, before we release 10.2.0 final.

Thanks for everyone who contributed to this release !

Please note that with 10.2.0 we’ve switched to using a release branch( release-10.2.0 ).
This means that any changes/fixes for 10.2.0 must be based of this branch and should also target the release branch.


You can download the tarball here:

If you are upgrading manually, please make sure to properly remove the old source code as mentionned in the update instructions


The changelog is available at https://github.com/owncloud/core/blob/release-10.2.0/CHANGELOG.md


Please help testing and report issues.
You can also reach us for feedback or found issues at https://talk.owncloud.com/

Code freeze

The code on the branch release-10.2.0 is frozen. We’ll only accept Pull Requests for critical issues.

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