Owncloud upgrade error

Hey, i have problem with Owncloud 9.1.1 upgrade to Owncloud 9.1.2.
When i open updater, then this error:
What is wrong ? Can anybody help?

That's probably a security setting of your php. Check you php.ini (often the execution of shell commands is disabled for security reasons).

As alternative, you can do a manual upgrade.

how i can upgrade Owncloud manually and after the upgrade works all normaly and logos are same..

Such things can normally be found in the documentation.

  • make backup
  • delete all files except data/ and config/-folder
  • get code of new ownCloud version (owncloud.org/changelog)
  • extract code (fix permissions)
  • run occ upgrade on terminal
  • activate all apps you need.

I dont known why web updater not work.
Nextcloud web updater work great..
I have same PHP settings..both servers.

Because of the problems with the ownCloud updater, Nextcloud decided to write a new updater app. The code base of Nextcloud and ownCloud is very similar, I'm not sure if you can make the Nextcloud updater also work with ownCloud.

i have two different server NextCloud and Owncloud.
I use them separate..

You could ask here to fork the Nextcloud updater app. Not sure in terms of licensing but as long as you use the open-source version, it's just like any other app.

When having such issues it really help to use the search functionality at the top right. When putting Could not parse a response for config:list into that search you will stumble over the following thread where it looks like this is just a bug in that updater:

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