Photo sync problem on Pixel 3, or a noob misunderstanding


I am hosting ownCloud on a RaspberryPi using version 10.0.10.
I have a Pixel 3 running Android version 9.
I am using ownCloud version 2.10.0-beta-1 on the Pixel. I moved to the beta after having the same problem on the stable version from the store.
I haven’t exposed my ownCloud to the Internet yet. It is only accessible when I am connected to my LAN.

I setup new folders on my ownCloud drive to sync to: Pixel 3/Photos, Pixel 3/Videos.
I configured the settings in the Android app to sync the local photo and video directories to the ownCloud directories.

Maybe my expectation is wrong, but at this point I expected to see all of the photos and videos on my phone get synced to the folders I setup on my ownCloud drive. Nothing happened. I found that my expectation is wrong. Maybe this can be an option when configuring the sync? Check a box to upload everything and then start syncing?

If I take a photo while connected to my home wifi, it will show up on my ownCloud drive after a few minutes. If I leave home, take photos and come back, the photos taken while I was away don’t get synced when I return and reconnect to my network. Is the issue that I don’t have ownCloud exposed to the internet for the phone to sync? Or should it be able to sync changes as I expect?

The Pixel takes portrait mode photos and puts them in sub directories in the same location as all the other photos. ownCloud doesn’t seem to sync these either, even when I’m connected to my LAN. Should it be able to sync subdirectories, or just files?
Seems like it can’t get the subdirectories…

Thanks in advance for the help!



reading a huge text takes much efford.

In one post you have written many “issues” you have with the app

If you could rewrite / edit your post in bulletpoints or steps to reproduce, that would be great and it would increase the chance that you get help :slight_smile:


There is already an issue for the upload of the special image types:

You can follow the progress there…