Popup keeps informing me on error

Hello, i have a removed a complete folder with files in my desktop client.
When i use the browser to check the files, i see the complete folder and files arestill in this webclient.
I cannot remove them, it gives an error: "error when removing folder"
When i check with an ftp-client the datafolder, the folder is gone.

every 5 minutes i get an popup that the system cannot sync.....
I'm using owncloud 8

How can i remove this folder in the webclient to stop these annoiying popups?

This is the message i get in the windows desktop client:\

You can re-run a file scan on your user-folder:

For locking issues in general:

Any of the 8.x versions is not supported any more, you should upgrade to a current still supported version (at least 9.0): https://owncloud.org/changelog/

Thanks for the fast reply ; i'm gonna upgrade to V9 first

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