Problems with smtp and gmail

I cannot seem to get OC 914 to work with Gmail SMTP. (which usually has gone really well for me).

selecting 465 I get the following error:
Error: Expected response code 250 but got code "", with message ""

selecting 587:
Connection could not be established with host [ #0])

This is both with "login" and "plain" I am quite sure I have the password correct.

Anybody seen this?
Any way to get a more verbose error message?

Thanks in advance.

If that worked before it might be the same as in [1] and [2]. A rule of thumb is that if something worked before and stopped to work in a newer a bug should be created at the bugtracker.



Thanks for the comment...

It worked in OC 8.n this a brand new install to 9.1.4... so this is looking like a bug/regression with 9.1.4, possibly?

Exactly as explained above and already reported by that other users to the developers.