Recommend way to move owncloud-docker installation to new VServer

i have a nicely running owncloud-docker installation (10.5.0) -
but now have to move to a new VServer
(my hoster is currently not able to upgrade - so i have to move)

can anyone give some hints what to consider?

i think i have to move the docker volumes

    driver: local
    driver: local
    driver: local
    driver: local

and the docker-compose.ymland .env files.

i have looked around
something else?

i did try with the approach

- run my docker-compose file
- shut down docker
- with this the volumes are created
- then copy the content of the four volume directories to the new server
- start up docker
- hope it all works out ;-)

this sadly did not work out -
will have to debug this some more to find where it went wrong.

This does work :slight_smile:
(i had a bug in my command during copy / as i renamed the owncloud-docker folder on the new server…)