Recommend way to sync calendar and contacts (thunderbird)

hello community,

i want to move my contacts and calendar from google to my owncloud.
on my desktop i use thunderbird.

do anyone have good recommendations for what to look out for -
and what thunderbird plugins to use?
i have found TBSync and SoGo.
but did not find any real info on what is the more used way - or if there are any drawbacks with one of theme…

pleas let me know your thoughts! :slight_smile:

sunny greetings


version: ownCloud 10.4.1 (stable)

just tested with TBSync -
seems to work :slight_smile:

at least when i have defined the calendars in the cloud first…
i will have to check how to sync the currently -local only- calendars…

additionally i have to check if it is possible to sync contacts from the CardBook AddressBook addon…
(default is to sync into the internal addressbook…)


in my case I’m using Lightning for the calendars it also works for the tasks, it does the job.
I have nothing specific for the users yet.

thanks @cs35

for CardBook i have found a feature request for TBsync - its on hold till TB78 is finalized…

but i just checked -
created a new CardBook Address Book and used the direct URL from the cloud web settings:

it seems to work this way too!
not as user-friendly as the way with TBSync (for multiples address books for example) - but it works!

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i’m using Thunderbird together with Lightning for Calendars and TbSync for Contacts.

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