Search field in public links

When I create a public link to an Owncloud folder, and go to the link using a browser, there is no search field. This is a big problem for folders with lots of files in them.
in 2016 this was discussed here (Searching in a shared public folder)

Has the feature ever been implemented? I figured this is a pretty fundamental feature for a cloud service.

If this feature is not yet implemented, does anyone know of any plans to do so?

Hello Mark, No, this didn’t get implemented.
Why not use ctrl-f and search in your browser?

Alternatively you can add a guest user, that guest user will have the ability to search … for large amounts of files I would expect that to be more likely.

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Hi Hodyroff, thanks for the reply.
Ctl-f wouldn’t work in our case because there are too many files (not all are rendered on the page), and there are files in sub-folders.

If we used a Guest user, could the link be permanent?
Our use case is that we want to embed a read only link to the data in our Sharepoint site. Users can only access the link if they are logged in to SharePoint, so we don’t care that the link is public.

The owncloud folder is like a central repository for data, that the Sharepoint users can access.

A potential problem with the guest user approach, is that, users also have their own private owncloud accounts. If they are logged in to their accounts in another tab of their browser, then the link with the guest account might redirect them to their private account’s.
I will give this a try.

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