Searching in a shared public folder

Hey guys,

Like the title says I'm just wondering if it is possible to search public shared folders.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Share a folder with multiple files inside by a link.
2) Go to shared link
3) There is no search box to search through files.

If not, is there anyone that can help with modifying oC files to enable this feature?


In your file view you have a selector "shared by link" on the left. It's only for the current user.

Hey @tflidd Thanks for your response but I must not have made myself too clear.
I edited my original post. Hopefully thats better,


this is not implemented yet:

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@RealRancor Ah okay, thank you for the response.
Looking forward to the official release of this feature.

If anyone has any other options please let me know :slight_smile:

If you're familiar with PHP coding you could also dig into the oC source code to see if you can implement it on your own