Server update failed

I upgraded the owncloud version from 10.0 to 10.3, using the upgrade document operation, and viewing the log shows that the upgrade failed.

owncloud_1 | 2019-11-16T14:49:47.077057000Z 2019-11-16T14:49:47+00:00 Repair warning: You have incompatible or missing apps enabled that could not be found o
r updated via the marketplace.
owncloud_1 | 2019-11-16T14:49:47.077558000Z 2019-11-16T14:49:47+00:00 Repair warning: Please install or update the following apps manually or disable them wi
owncloud_1 | 2019-11-16T14:49:47.078097000Z occ app:disable files_videoplayer
owncloud_1 | 2019-11-16T14:49:47.078791000Z 2019-11-16T14:49:47+00:00 Repair warning: For manually updating, see
owncloud_1 | 2019-11-16T14:49:47.079561000Z 2019-11-16T14:49:47+00:00 OC\RepairException: Upgrade is not possible
owncloud_1 | 2019-11-16T14:49:47.080015000Z 2019-11-16T14:49:47+00:00 Update failed
owncloud_1 | 2019-11-16T14:49:47.080483000Z 2019-11-16T14:49:47+00:00 Maintenance mode is kept active
owncloud_1 | 2019-11-16T14:49:47.080963000Z 2019-11-16T14:49:47+00:00 Reset log level


have you tried to read the output ownCloud is giving you here:

It looks to me like the info what to do in this situation is already given in this output.

@ping_wang Maybe you could also provide some background information or even suggestions in Brainstorming on "Repair warning: You have incompatible or missing apps enabled that could not be found or updated via the marketplace." message improvements why the message is unclear or how to improve this so that you could have immediately see the required steps to continue with the update?