Brainstorming on "Repair warning: You have incompatible or missing apps enabled that could not be found or updated via the marketplace." message improvements


i have the feeling that there are at least one or two other users struggling with the following message after every ownCloud update (see the topics below for some examples) :confused::

Repair warning: You have incompatible or missing apps enabled that could not be found or updated via the marketplace.
Repair warning: Please install or update the following apps manually or disable them with:
Repair warning: For manually updating, see
OC\RepairException: Upgrade is not possible
Update failed
Maintenance mode is kept active

Maybe we can do some brainstorming on how to improve these message (so that these are better understandable for other users) which could be forwarded to the ownCloud team?

Personally i don’t have any suggestions as the messages are quite clear to me and are (in my opinion) already giving more then enough information what to do in such kind of situations. But maybe the two users of the following threads can give some suggestions so i have ask them to give possible improvement suggestions:

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It seems various users are hitting the github bugtracker with the very same problem where they just should have followed the suggestions given in the message. :confused:

plus many more. :confused:

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While starring at the screenshot posted at Upgrade from 10.2.1 to 10.3.0 using Upgrader in Owncloud Web Interface i’ve noticed the following text:

The update was unsuccessful. Please report this issue to the ownCloud community.

This text looks plainly wrong to me in this situation and could cause the confusion for other users as seen above. :confused:

Instead of reporting this issue to the ownCloud community the user itself needs to follow the advice given to continue with the update. Maybe this could already solve most of the confusion?

I think, this will not solve the problem.

I have my installation on an LXC Container and it worked good.

When I try to solve the problem by the occ comand I only get an error message …


i think this is / looks to me like a different topic. How to correctly use the occ command seems to be already explained in the documentation:

and i think this could be easily extended in the documentation if required for specific environments like LXC containers when creating a new issue at

The users in the topics seems to even struggling on what to do next and seems they even haven’t noticed that they need to use the occ command. :confused:

Let me be a bit of a jerk: if people is incapable of reading the error message and take appropiate action, it won’t matter what you write there, people will still fail to read the message.

There could be other related problems such as “I don’t know how to disable the apps” or “how do I update the app manually?”, but these problems still persist even if you change the error message, and note that nobody will read a wall of text explaining every inch of what you could do.

Then, the problem isn’t the message itself, but the user not knowing how to do what he wants to do. Maybe I’m crazy, but the first thing I do in those cases is to check the official documentation and / or other related posts. If the documentation is incomplete, they’re free to ask for more information.

Of course people is free to ask whatever they want, but please don’t ask things that can be answer with “did you read the message above?”


this is a quite interesting view on this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

But i think we need to first understand why the message wasn’t seen or understood before assuming that people are incapable to read an error message. That’s why i had asked @ping_wang and @shinshuri in the previously linked threads for some feedback if there could be anything improved but it seems no feedback wasn’t given yet. :confused: