[SOLVED]How to translate the settings page with custom theme



Hello, we have a problem with the translation of settings page . settings must be in the apps folder ?



is this helpful?



Hello. L10n folder is in settings folder of folder s customize theme . Settings folder must be in the apps folder or no?


You just mimic the original file location inside your theme

If I understand correctly: If the settings folder is in core, then yes.


Hello, not working . /varr/www/owncloud/apps/custom-theme/settings/l10n/ it is the correct path ?


you have to provide language.js language.json with the customization


In the core of the customize theme , fr translation is okay .But in settings page , it's not okay . The fr.js is callede by the navigator but nothing happened


Anyone have the problem with the translation in settings page ?


Have you tested your adjustments with 10.0.6?


Yes the problem is on 10.0.6 version on settings page


After hard try the problem is on our fr.js et and fr.json. thanks for your precious time.


Could you describe the problem for future use cases?


I dont knwow where is the problem , i just comparing the files and no idea ...


I have an erron json code error 5 failed to load


Hm, I don't know enough about json, but it would be nice to know how you got it working, if you got it working.


The problem is on the accented characters ! I delete all phrases with this and the settings page is in French !


I see, good to know :slight_smile:


But in 10.0.2 with the older theming , we have no problems with accented characters.


by "older theming" you mean create a theme in a "theme" folder instead of the new "app" approach?


Yes that's it ! it's very weird.