SSL Certificate Renewal

Hi all,

Please can we have some help with our OwnCloud environment which is currently secured using our wildcard SSL certificate which is due for renewal. We have renewed the certificate with the provider but do not know how to update this in our OwnCloud set up. We are running version Ubuntu 16.04.3 but have very limited knowledge of Linux and how this is set up. If anyone could please help us with where to start that would be great.

Thank you


i don’t think that it is required to renew any certificates within ownCloud. From what i know this is completely handled by your web server.

Yes this is what we are having trouble with. The SSL cert was imported into the OwnCloud server and set to secure the site, but we do not know how to renew this within the server. We have been able to complete this on other Windows servers for other sites we host by IIS etc, but this OwnCloud Linux set up we are struggling with.
Can anyone help us please?


there was a discussion not long ago if this support forum for ownCloud is the best place to ask for support of non-ownCloud related topics like the renewal of certificates within a web server:

Personally i can’t help you with this topic and others seems to be not able as well as no posts where made by other users. Based on this i would suggest to try searching for a tutorial on the internet on how to configure and/or renew SSL on your web server.