Suggestions for the issue template on new threads



it seems there is an issue template showing up when posting in one of the "Server" categories. In the header there is the following shown:

Thanks for reporting issues back to ownCloud! This is the issue tracker of ownCloud, if you have any support question please check out

This is the bug tracker for the Server component. Find other components at

which seems to me that it doesn't fit in here.

An additional problem i have seen quite often in the last few days is that people creating a thread for a problem but using an outdated version of ownCloud. It could be possible if the text above gets removed that the following in the template gets more prominent:

Before reporting any issues please make sure that you're using the latest available version for your major branch (e.g. 9.0.x), see

I'm not sure but maybe it helps to additionally replace:

**ownCloud version:** (see ownCloud admin page)

with something like:

**ownCloud version:** (see ownCloud admin page, make sure to use a recent version before posting a thread)

or similar?


It seems to me that there is a strange behavior with the issue templates as well:

If you go to and click on the "New Topic" button on the top right nothing is shown. If you chose e.g. the "Hosting area" category the template is popping up.

But if you chose a different sequence and typo something in the textbox before choosing the category and then chose the category afterwards the template is completely missing.

I'm not sure if it e.g. makes sense (or even possible) to show a short text after the "New Topic" so users get informed to first chose the category before writing into the textbox?

Wrong Update link?

Hey Tom,

just tried typing something before choosing the category - does not work for me.

The mouse becomes a “forbidden” symbol until I choose a category and then the template appears.


Mhhh, i’m getting this now as well but this definitely wasn’t there back 2 months ago.


I suppose if you play around with the tags and categories you can figure out one scenario where the template is not there. But I could not do it for my quick test.

I have to read more about your other proposals.

I think the template was copied from github and contains way to much requirements for the average user. So we should probably rewrite.