Syncing Owncloud calendar in MAC OSX El Capitan


I'm trying to sync one of my friends' calendars in Mac OSX El Capitan. When I try to create a calDAV account and enter the required information, I get "unable to verify account name or password." error message. Here is the info I provide:

Account name: manual
User Name: joe
Password: password
Server Address:

Is the server address correct? Does it work with https? Because there is no http.

Did you set the redirect for


you get the correct URL in the calendar app at the bottom left near the calendar name

So, I'm running Apache and the Owncloud instance is installed in /var/www/owncloud. I should create .well-known/carddav and .well-known/caldav in /var/www/owncloud and then add the following two lines to /var/www/owncloud/.htaccess :
Redirect 301 /.well-known/carddav /owncloud/remote.php/dav
Redirect 301 /.well-known/caldav /owncloud/remote.php/dav
But what are carddav and caldav? Are they files that should be created in .well-known? What about their permission?

@RealRancor: Yes, I got the server address exactly from their.


please read the link of tflidd above again. You shouldn't add any files and folders but add those things into your main webserver vhost (/var/www/owncloud/.htaccess won't work).

This is due to a long running bug which apple doesn't fix since a longer time:

Thanks RealRancor for the help! So I added the folowing lines to the Apache's vhost just after the DocumentRoot which is /var/www/owncloud:
Redirect 301 /.well-known/carddav /remote.php/dav
Redirect 301 /.well-known/caldav /remote.php/dav

and I restarted the Apache server. In the client, the server address I use is: I've also tried to use the complete address I get from the place you suggested but I'm still getting the same error message. Am I still doing something wrong?

Which is wrong in this case. You need to enter "" as the server address.


if you have trouble with the redirect, as I had, you could try the following:

What works for me now on OS X 10.11 (owncloud server in subdirectory, .well-known redirects removed):
Add a CardDAV or CalDAV account through "Internet Accounts" in "System Preferences".
Account Type: Advanced
User Name: myusername
Password: userpassword
Server Address:
Server Path: /owncloud/remote.php/carddav/principals/myusername/
Port: 443
Use SSL: X
Replace carddav with caldav in the path when adding a caldav account.
If you don't use https, uncheck SSL and set the port to 80.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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@RealRancor: I get the same error message even when I enter

@BeelVanBaer : man, it works :D!! Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot you all for the help.

Probably the still unfixed bug of Apple with the Account Wizard? Really wonder why it takes that long to fix this long running issues from their side.

Not a priority maybe? Really no idea.


Thank you very much, this worked for my Calendar in macOS but it did worked for my contacts , and still having problem with iOS, I would really appreciate if you help me with those too.