The folder ..... is used in a folder sync connection! Please pick another one

Suddenly, without any changes except for the program update, I cannot use OwnCloud anymore. A popup tells me:

The folder (G:\OwnCloud) is used in a folder sync connection! Please pick another one.

I’ve connected several computers to OwnCloud at the server, to be able to work, at choice, at any of them at the same document.
All I tried to solve the problem failed, I even uninstalled the program and removed everything from the registry. After a reboot I installed the program again… even that did not work. Copying the folder to another drive and trying to use that in OC did not work either.
Note: The problem does not (yet?) occur at all computers.

Client Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
ownCloud Client version: 2.9.2
OS language: English and German
Installation path of client: C:\Program Files\Owncloud

Please help!

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Desktop sync client discovered previous sync journal(s) (SQLite database files: .sync_journal. db, .sync#HASH.db or `.sync_#HASH.db) in the folder.

That means the folder is either already used by a different client for syncing or there’s an old SQLite database file in that folder. This can also happen if a user tries to import an old folder.


Such a file will have an old change date and usually can be removed.


Thank you! That did it!
There was indeed an old .db file in the local configured OC folder. After deleting it, the error message was gone.

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