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I am a newcomer so I apologise if I am posting in the wrong category or repeating what someone else has already asked.
In Thunderbird (TB) up to Ver 52.9.1 there’s been a feature called Filelink which allows you to send very big attachments via a filesharing provider (Box, Dropbox, DL and others).
The feature is implemented natively and for some providers via add-on.
Since the new version of TB (60) both DL and Dropbox do not work anymore.
There also used to be an add-on for OwnCloud, but the author of this add-on hasn’t updated it to work with TB 60.
Is there any other way this could be made to work?
Obviously any files to be made available can first be uploaded to OwnCloud and then shared, the link to the files can then be sent to the selected addressees.
But this is laborious, being able to work from Thunderbird directly is more convenient: you choose the files to be attached and if they are bigger than let’s say 5 MB, you can choose for Thunderbird to upload them to Owncloud and the link for downloading is automatically inserted in the email.

I hope the above is clear and there willbe a response at your convenience.
Thanks in advance

Version 1.1
Released Dec. 7, 2015
28.1 KiB
Works with Thunderbird 38.0 - 38.*

Looks somewhat like the predecessor of this one:

This seems to be up to date regarding current thunderbird versions. However, I couldn’t no longer connect to ownCloud using the latest version.


it seems its possible to make it to work with a few code changes:


Thanks for that @tom42 . I also wanted to open an issue there, but someone else was first. :open_mouth:

I kept version 1.7 which still works. There is no significant progress in 1.8, besides the TB 60 compatibility.

This is just another sad chapter from the oc/nc split-off story.

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hope you get the addon to work with that code changes and that maybe the support for ownCloud gets introduced back.

I must admit that this happened before i had started using ownCloud so i don’t have much insights into this story. :confused:

But i really don’t understand why such APIs used by both are changed without even trying to keeping compatibility. This is really a sad story :confused:

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I doubt here, unfortunately. I also don’t see, why this addon was rebranded for nextcloud. IMHO this is pure nonsense, it has to be suitable for anyCloud. But of course, if “the others” change their APIs… :roll_eyes:

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it seems there is now even a pull request available. Lets see if this gets accepted:

Yes, let’s see. However, as mentioned above, I’ll keep v1.7 as long as possible. Maybe the 30 open issues might vanish meanwhile. :wink:

It would be great if the OwnCloud Filelink app were brought up to speed to work in Thunderbird Version 60.
I look forward to that day.
Couldn’t someone at OwnCloud actually help the authors/developers of the original app ?

The DL filelink app was apparently updated on Nov 17, but still does not work in TB 60. The only choice one gets is Box…

Why should they do that? If the developer of the app lost its motivation to continue…

Why wouldn’t OwnCloud want to do something for its customers???
It would be a further argument in favour of using OwnCloud…


i think because an ownCloud developer isn’t necessarily familiar with Thundberbird plugin development. The ownCloud team probably has more then enough work to do with their own product, starting to develop something they most likely don’t have any knowledge/capabilities of is something i personally (as a user) wouldn’t expect.

It’s a similar topic like discussed in Windows 10 sync client updated and refuses to sync with ownCloud appliance on Drobo 5N, there a NAS vendor has expected the ownCloud developers to provide updates for their NAS system where probably no one of the ownCloud developers is owning such a NAS device.

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