Two iOS apps in the iOS App Store?

No bug, just new to ownCloud and trying to understand the differences. The iOS App Store has two versions of ownCloud, one free, and one for $.99? It is not clear what, if any, the differences are.

@DanBrooks There’s an old one (paid 3.8.1) with many features, but it didn’t age well, so we decided to start a new app. The old app still works with older ownCloud versions and older versions of iOS, so we want to keep it available for a while.

The new version (free 1.0.1) is a rewrite from scratch. It needs iOS 11+ and oC server 10+ and is blazing fast, has modern architecture, better UI etc. Most of the missing features will be added over time.

We’ll change names and icons to make them easier to differentiate.



i’m not sure but it looks to me that this was already answered a few months ago in ownCloud, Inc v.s. ownCloud GmbH app

Just a follow-up question. When I install the newer app, is there an option to copy the settings from the older one? I just want to estimate how much time I should allot for manually configuring it.

@richard-liu there’s no such option yet. Planned is a path to transfer some basic account information. Migrating all settings isn’t planned at the moment.

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@sherylbrock old app with support for older iOS versions and older ownCloud versions:

New iOS app with amazing new features, but requires iOS 11+ and oC 10+: