Update server 9.1.1 -> 9.1.2


When I want to update my Owncloud server 9.1.1 ver 9.1.2 I have this error message

(The following information has not been translated.):
[GuzzleHttp \ Exception \ RequestException]
CURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

Have you any idea on this subject, thanking you in advance, good day.


this is a duplicate of a few threads like https://central.owncloud.org/t/oc-updater-curl-error-60-ssl-certificate-problem-unable-to-get-local-issuer-certificate/3746 or https://central.owncloud.org/t/unable-to-apply-update/5018 which should be easily findable when putting the following in the search function of the forums: