Updater 10.0.10 -> 10.1.0

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hope this is the right place for my question:
OwnCloud 10.1.0 is available for about one month now and recently I learned that version 10.2.0 will most probably be released in March.

I’m running OwnCloud 10.0.10 on a shared host at all-inkl.com and I’m wondering why Updater still says my version is up to date (Updater works acc. to mouse-over-info).
As far as I understood, OC 10.1 is not a major release which could require a manual update in case of shared hosts.

Due to the obligation set by GDPR to keep systems up to date, I’m a bit concerned now.
Or am I just too impatient?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

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Yes, that’s true. I didn’t get an update notification either.


maybe there is a reason why the ownCloud team hasn’t published the update via the updater app?

Personally i would always prefer the manual update instead of using the updater app to avoid such waiting times.

That was the reason for my posting, as I could not find anything about this issue on the internet:
I don’t mind waiting a little longer for the update via updater app; but it would be good to know, whether there will be one, because I never had to wait that long for an update before. :innocent:

I assume that this updater will be retired in future, due to too much trouble, Just my opinion.

Nevertheless, an update notification would have been a nice move.

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i thought about the same in the past. It looks to me that the update notification is coupled to the updater app and you don’t a notification as long as the update is not distributed for the updater app. :confused:

Maybe some one could create a new feature request for this to the ownCloud developers?


while searching a little bit in the issue tracker of ownCloud (because of the recent discussion in No upates since September 2018 with the built-in Updater app) i have found the following

Unfortunately web update to 10.1 needs manual creation of /ocm-provider/index.php owncloud/updater#495
That’s why we haven’t published it yet.


And i have just seen this updated information in the previously linked bugreport:

we are going to offer 10.1.1/10.2 via beta channel soon