No upates since September 2018 with the built-in Updater app

I’m using a shared hosted ownCloud installation and it’s still on version
I have no root access, so this was in the past the easiest way for me to keep the system up to date.
Does someone knows the reason why updates aren’t pushed via the app since months?

Thanks for your help


could you export the config as my screenshot below shows

And check in the json export the value of these parameters:

        "upgrade.disable-web": xxx,
        "upgrade.automatic-app-update": xxx,
        "updatechecker": xxx,

I’m not sure if it’s the main problem, but since you are on a shared host with no SSH I’d check that first.

Thanks for your reply.

These three parameters are not listed in the config report.


you’re right it doesn’t show up in the config if you didn’t set it, so I guess it has default values thus it should show new releases. In my case I set it to false to control the upgrades on several instances.

I did some tests and indeed I have the same problem. Running an ownCloud 10.1 the admin page says it’s up to date and doesn’t ask for an update to 10.2.

We don’t recommend using ownCloud on a server you don’t have root access to. Not like you do.

We have a ownCloud docker container which you can control by editing a file with the environment variables. Maybe this would suit your needs more.

Puuh … funny news.

Why can’t I find any warning about this fact on the ownCloud website?
My ownCloud is hosted at a so called ownCloud „hosting partner“.
When ownCloud don’t recommend using a server without root access,
why they recommend providers, where I have no root access?

As a non-techy, ownCloud docker is no solution for me.

Luckily there is an alternative made in Baden-Weurttemberg.
Good bye

To be fair, most of the hosters offer solutions with shell access as well. But usually these are more expensive as the simple website-solutions.

But don’t worry, it’s still up to you whether you ignore that non-recommendation, at least as long as it works. But in case of trouble, you’ll be on your own. Or ask here, as you already know. :wink:


i think there is a misunderstanding here as well.

From what i have read in the past “shell” access (root is probably not required) is not mandatory but still highly recommended to fix issues or do maintenance works via the “occ” command line tool which you can’t use when not having shell access.

Concerning the “update” is missing i have linked two recent discussions below. Maybe you need to just switch from “production” to another channel as “production” sounds to me like something you’re not directly getting fresh updates.

Thanks for your reply.

When I change the Update-Channel to stable, production or beta and reload the page,
ownCloud tells me „Your version is up to date“.
If I change the channel to daily, it shows me an update (version
I am not really sure, that this a reliable version.


yes I have the same result when switching channels, it’s always saying up to date.

I guess, as previously suggested by tom42, it would be better to open an issue on the tracker.

Maybe this is related with switching to semver. The app updatenotification might need some fixes.


while searching a little bit in the issue tracker of ownCloud i have found the following

Unfortunately web update to 10.1 needs manual creation of /ocm-provider/index.php owncloud/updater#495
That’s why we haven’t published it yet.


Somehow i have the feeling that this should be communicated better by the development team of ownCloud.

If an issue in the updater app is preventing that a general notification via the web gui for an available update is blocked then i think this whole “update notification” topic requires an rework.

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Related to this post i have just seen this updated information in the previously linked bugreport:

we are going to offer 10.1.1/10.2 via beta channel soon

Today I got this message from the owncloud developers:
„10.2.0 was unlocked for beta channel this week but I suggest to wait 1-2 week and grab 10.2.1“

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