Updating to 8.2.7 fails: unable to move



Hi there,

I use Owncloud quit a while now, and never had an issue. But now I run into an upgrading problem. I have installed on my server. I always upgrade through the admin section of my installation. I got a notification that 8.2.7. is available (Stable channel) and went for. After the backup step I got the message:
Update failed.Unable to move /home/deb48734/domains/familiedewit.net/public_html/cloud/_oc-upgrade/8.2.7/core/resources to /home/deb48734/domains/familiedewit.net/public_html/cloud/resources

I checked my server, the destination folder seems to exist, and has the right permissions (755). What could be the problem?



This is a known bug in the old updater app where you can find a workaround here:


Thanks, I found the fix. I'm now on 8.2.7