Upgrade from oc 8.1 to 10.0.10


i am running a centos7.1 (1503 core) and owncloud 8.1.1-12.1

nowadays we have a stable oc with the version 10.0.10 available.

so the question arises naturally: whats the best practice to upgrade on oc 10.0.10 ?

As far as i have read the instructions, there should be all point releases executed to reach 10.0.10.
Isnt it not better (cleaner ) to install 10.0.10 fresh ?
and besides, centos should also be updated on 7.6.
And are the “remi” php (7.2) packages a safe bet ?

So in short:
should i first update centos and then deal with OC or vice versa ?
and whats the best way to get to 10.0.10 from 8.1 ?

Are there any people outside with the same constellation and some advice ?

Any advice is appreciated…
greetings gunter

For the ownCloud side you will need to upgrade to 8.2.latest and from there to 10.0.x … Thats the first version which can skip major versions for the upgrade with database migrations, etc.

I would go to 8.2 on the old environment, then do a snapshot backup of both database, storage and config.php. Then install newest CentOS with oC10 on a second machine, get the database and storage connected, and do the upgrade in this test system. Semi packages for 7.2 are perfectly fine.


thanks for the advice…
still reading instructions :slight_smile:
greetings gunter