Upgrade issue from 10.2 to 10.4 on ISP hosted version

Hi to all,
I apologize my inexperienced approach to this communities: I trust in your patience :slight_smile:

I trying to upgrade my owncloud 10.2 to the latest version. This is installed on a hosted server linux by ISP Aruba.

Ususally this work by copying the new files on web root except data and config.

Now I receive an error that suggest to disable some apps but I can’t do it because I not have any CLI access.

Furthermore owncloud now require upgrade mandatory and I cant come back tu the admin profile.

I can access only by web file explorer and can modify any text file with embedded editor.
It’ possible to disable plugin apps by modifing the related config file?
If yes, wich ones are they?

It’s possible remove the mandatory upgrade request and restore the normal access to the profiles?

Many thanks for your suggestions.


Welcome @it-it

Don’t worry, some of us started at a similar point. :wink:

If you have access to the DB with phpMyAdmin, you can follow this description:

Hi Alfred and thanks for response,
I found the table on mysql but for to do so I had to change the mysql pwd and now owncloud don’t access at the db and the home page not work.

Where I can update this password in owncloud db or file?

The credentials are stored in config/config.php:

'dbuser' => '*****',
'dbpassword' => '*****'

Thanks Alfred,
I found the pwd there.


Good news.

With your suggestion I have restored owncloud at latest version and work well.

Many thanks to all.


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