Upgrade to current version

I would like to upgrade my OC installation from version 8.2 to the current version. Instead of going through the upgrade path shown here, I am trying to figure out whether it might be favorable to perform a new installation from scratch.

  • Would there be any benefit in installing from scratch, other than that I would avoid having to follow a path of multible upgrades?

  • When performing a new installation, is it possible to save the user account data and the directory structure of the old installation into a parameter file and to import this into the new installation?

Many thanks, Andreas

When reading the release notes of oC 10 correctly then i think it should be already possible to go directly from the latest 8.2 to the latest 10: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/latest/admin_manual/release_notes.html#changes-in-10-0-3

New setup means that you loose all share information, the sync client syncs everything again, ... So I would try an upgrade first. Don't forget to make a backup first in case something goes wrong.