Uploaded files are automatically compressed.

Hello everyone and sorry for my English language level.
I have 3 questions.

[Current status]
I upload a folder to owncloud, but the folder was seen as a cmpressed file. 
→ I expect it to be a bug in ownCloud
Mimetype is rewritten in cache data on the database
Change the mimetype of cache data on the database
→ I can see two folders with same name under it.

1.The shared folder of ownCloud is automatically compressed
2.There are two folders with the same name directly below 
3.And there are directories whose name contains “_” in the database.

Server configuration

Operating system:

Please let me know about the two questions. 
Thanks for your help.


this looks to me like a heavily outdated version of ownCloud which reached it’s end of life many years ago.

Maybe you could install a more recent version 10.2.0 to see if the behavior changes?

To what tom42 said I will add:
For your first question:
compressed directory while shared looks similar with compressed directory while downloaded. I find it normal, as it is a tipical behaivior for a cloud system, even google drive will perform the same due to the fact that is faster and do not stress the server with requests.

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Thanks for some replies.

That’s true, the version is too old.
I fully understand it but want to get any advices.

The flow of the problem is this;

  1. Upload a folder, then I see that is a compressed file.
    ※ Not all file, and I’ve never encontered this situation.

  2. I found the mimetype is not “httpd/unix-directory” but “application/octet-stream” on the databases (MySQL).

  3. I changed tha mimetype to “application/octet-stream” with SQL on the databases,
    then I can see that as a folder on Owncloud WebUI.

  4. Under tha folder, Two folder with same name is seen. The size of two are different, and one of those
    seems to be correct.

  5. On the datebase, these folder was seen.
    shared_dir__/subdir ← I think this is the wrong folder I can see in tha ownckoud.

Can I delete the"__" folder?
Have you experience that situation?
I know I shoude update owncloud, but I am not sure whether it be fixed in latest version.
Thank you.


is this problem new, as you explained in your first post, you noticed that behavior by shared folders…
Now you are talking about uploading a folder.

Sorry, my first explains was not correct.
My last post describes exact situations.

Thanks for your indication.

but then on 5 you have:

I do not understand…

My explain was still not enough, sorry

I can see two folders with same name under the folder “dir”.

Thier size was diffrent, but one of those is correct.

Then I check the “oc_filecache” table on the databases.
There are these records about folders which embrass me, like;


  1. path : files/dir
  2. path : files/dir/subdir
  3. path : files/dir__
  4. path : files/dir__/subdir

I hope this explain can be understood.
Thank you for your reply.

upgrade is required…