Web UI: Redirecting Please wait a while. You are being redirected

Steps to reproduce

  1. Followed instructions on Deploy as an app in ownCloud 10 | ownCloud
  2. Logged in ownCloud
  3. Clicked on “New Design”
  4. Authorised Access

Expected behaviour

I should be able to see the Web UI interface instead of the Classic interface

Actual behaviour

Redirecting Please wait a while. You are being redirected
Nothing happens after showing that message.

Server configuration

Operating system : Debian 10

Web server: Apache

Database: MariaDB 10.3.29

PHP version: 7.3.29

ownCloud version: 10.8

The log file doesn’t show any errors.
The “Web” app is installed udner apps-external folder instead of apps folder.

I too am seeing this behaviour - I’ve been through the config so many times iwith the installation guide and can’t figure out what might be going on. I have some JS errors, e.g. failed to load app undefined TypeError: t is undefined in web-runtime-6f65a499.js:1:68898.

Is there anyone who can help with this? I’ve just updated to Web 4.2.0 (OC 10.8) and it’s still happening.

In Chrome the error I’m currently getting is:

Uncaught (in promise) Invalid query, please check the syntax. vendor-fee82cbd.js:12

I have exactly the same problem.
Hardware RaspberryPi4
ownCloud 10.8.0
Web 4.2.0

Have you found a solution yet? I hardly can find anyone else with the problem, no official information so far.

Kind regards

No, nothing at all. Other topics have had official help / responses since, so I’m not sure why this one has been ignored.

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It’s likely a setup problem, but it’s difficult to pinpoint where is problem with such a little information. There are quite a bunch of manual steps to do, and it’s easy to mess something up.

Maybe you could post what you do, step by step, using a fake server name. It’s likely a wrong url, but it’s difficult to know which one.

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B
OS: Raspbian Buster
Webserver: nginx/1.14.2
Database: 10.3.29-MariaDB-0+deb10u1
PHP version: PHP 7.3.29-1~deb10u1
ownCloud version: 10.8

  1. I installed github/owncloud/web

  2. I added this to my config.php

‘web.baseUrl’ => ‘blackhole/index.php/apps/web’,
‘web.rewriteLinks’ => true,

  1. This is my owncloud/config/config.json
    { "server" : "https://blackhole", "theme": "https://blackhole/apps/web/the - Pastebin.com
    Since I am a new user I can only provide 2 urls and I am not able to upload a text file… :confused:

  2. I installed oauth2 from here: github/owncloud/oauth2

  3. I added a Client in the oauth2 App called OWeb, URI = blackhole/index.php/apps/web/oidc-callback.html took the clientid and saved it in the config.json

Everything seems to work except it doesnt redirect as explained earlier and the dev console is showing: Uncaught (in promise) Invalid query, please check the syntax. API specifications - Pastebin.com

Does that help to better investigate? I am thankful for any hint!

It works for me. Checked with OC 10.8, oauth 0.5.0, and web 4.2.0


  • Double-check both apps are downloaded from the marketplace. You might want to use the “market” app for this. Some apps might require some build steps if you’re downloading the source code, and the apps in the marketplace are already built and ready to use, so no need for you to bother with additional things.
  • The “web.baseUrl” config option requires the whole url, including the protocol. This means https://blackhole/index.php/apps/web (I’m not sure if it will work with http, probably not)
  • For the oauth2 client, the uri also requires the protocol: https://blackhole/index.php/apps/web/oidc-callback.html

There is a 404 for the theme, you might want to remove it, although the web app works fine with that. Other than that, it works for me with those steps

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I only removed the https:// part in order to be able to post it here, since I wasnt allowed to post more than 2 urls as a newbie.

It is included in my config. I uninstalled and reinstalled both apps from the marketplace. I also tried disabling my theme. No changes sadly :frowning:

Are you using apache? This might be the difference.

Yes, I’m using apache.

I’ve tried many more times, but I always get the same problem again and again.
It seems to work, it authenticates, but then it gets stuck on this screen:

Screenshot from 2021-10-08 17-49-35

I cant’ see anything in the log file that is related to a possible issue with the configuration.

My app is behind an Nginx proxy which provides SSL etc, but runs using the official Docker image. Could it be the reverse proxy perhaps?

If @ivnmad or @Koaebk are using reverse proxies I’ll have a go removing mine to see what happens but if you aren’t then it clearly isn’t that.

I use HAproxy, not Nginx. Maybe there is a configuration in Nginx that is causing the problem.

Hmmm, I’ve updated to version 4.4.0 and I’m still getting this error in my console:

Uncaught (in promise) Invalid query, please check the syntax.

The error is coming from line 12 of vendor.js which is vuex v3.6.2 - however I suspect the bug isn’t in Vue itself but in whatever is using / calling it. From the stack trace that appears to be initAuth in web-runtime.js.

The only other thing in my Console are these:

UserManager.getUser: user loaded
web-runtime-03539e51.js:1 New User Loaded. access_token: xxxRemovedxxx, refresh_token: undefined
vendor-fee82cbd.js:57 UserManager.signinRedirectCallback: no sub

Is it correct that the refresh_token is undefined there?


Within initAuth the lines causing the issue for me are these (2294/2295):

const s = await i.users.getUserGroups(n.id)
  , r = await i.users.getUser(n.id);

It is at that point that I get this in my console: Uncaught (in promise) Invalid query, please check the syntax.

I indeed use a reverse proxy in nginx @bencgreen
This is my nginx conf, see attachement.

nginx_default.txt (5,7 KB)

@bencgreen I use a reverse proxy in Apache…

I can confirm that accessing my ownCloud installation directly (i.e. bypassing the proxy) results in the same error, suggesting to me that this has nothing to do with the proxy server.


  • Forward port 18795 to Docker container port 8080
  • Change URLs in config.json and config.php to point to
  • Login via new URL
  • Click ‘New Design’ link
  • Authorize application
  • Receive ‘Redirecting Please wait a while. You are being redirected.’ message

There is clearly something wrong here. I have tried deleting the web app and reinstalling it, I’ve gone through the instructions so many times my eyes hurt - I’m at a loss to know what to try next.

Check the network console with the web developer tools. There might be some request failing, so we’d need to know which one is it.

Thanks @jvillafanez - I already did in this post here.