Webinstaller - no errors and nothing happens

I wanted to try this on Bluehost. I DL'd the webinstaller setup-owncloud.php from https://owncloud.org/download/#owncloud-server-web-installer, then UL'd to a freshly created subdomain on my main site (bk.expertek.us) and when I run it, it does nothing except display:

Setup Wizard

Welcome to the ownCloud Setup Wizard.
This wizard will check the ownCloud dependencies, download the newest version of ownCloud and install it in a few simple steps.

ownCloud – web services under your control

I check the folder - no new error.log check console in FFox, nothing. no new files.

Next, I DL'd the original install file. owncloud-latest.zip and place it in the domain folder. re load the webinstaller.

still not working. try in IE. nope. same thing.

tried renaming the webinstaller to oc.zip - NOGO.

finally, extracted teh installer, and loaded index.php - seems to start ok, asking for my database stuff.

Just not sure why the installer didn't work...

I think you need be prepared to face such issues on a shared hoster. They might e.g. have some additional configurations in place which prevents the web installer to work.

Similar you might need to be aware that Bluehost doesn't fulfill all requirements for a fully working ownCloud as noticed a few days ago in:


I have exactly the same issue on my shared hosting. They agree to do everything what i need but how to understand what is missed in the configuration.
I tried php 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 without any results.

Maybe you can work together with @Soluna668 to find out similarities on your environments which could help you to know why this doesn't work as expected?

I am ready to try but i think all environments including yours have more similar things than differences... So could somebody tell what is the most important. I am confused because there are no messages at all... so it looks like the script doesn't work as it must work...

I think you might find the reasons for it in the logfiles of the webserver or PHP. Not sure if you have access to it at all, could be possible that you need to contact the support of your hoster.

The solution - everything works with the manual installation.
So something is wrong with the web installation script only.

More precisely: Your hosting provider doesn't fulfill all of the the ownCloud requirements.

My provider fulfils all requirements that are checked by the web installer scripts.
It checks only PHP version, existing of zip and curl modules, write permissions and if php safe mode disable or not.
Or you know my server better than me?

I don't think that a discussion like this will lead to something useful. Instead it would be way better to follow an advice like the following:

to research why your hosting environment is showing issues which doesn't happen for other hundreds of thousands of users used the web installer before.

Dear tom42,

Could you try to run setup-owncloud.php on your server just to be sure.
I think i found the reason...

I don't think that it makes sense if i'm running it on my server as i don't have a shared hosting environment and know that the installer is working there. :slight_smile:

About the issue. What's helped me:
I don't know why but the logo covers the next button. That's why it looks like the setup-owncloud.php does nothing or stops because of the error. May be the logo was changed, may be something else but i don't want to spend more time.

Soluna668 you can try to delete this line <img src="http://owncloud.org/setupwizard/logo.png" alt="ownCloud" />` from the script and you will see Next button and etc.

By the way and about logs and requirements. The following i got on the step 2....
Dependency check
All ownCloud dependencies found
More precisely: My hosting provider FULFILL all of the the ownCloud requirements as i said above

Dear tom42...
It is so easy to suggest to read logs etc in style help yourself but when somebody asks you about real help it is so lazy to do something even it is very easy is not it? If you are not ready to help better don't answer at all.
I hope it is only your specific case and other community members have different approach....

Aido, you're totally right.

Earlier today I learned about Owncloud and tried my hand at installing it on my InterServer site using the Web Installer. Going to the setup-owncloud.php page, I was greeted by a slightly glitched UI. I believe the reason is because I have strict SSL/ HTTPS on my sites and my browser failed to load parts of the page. This caused the http://owncloud.org/setupwizard/logo.png image to cover up the "next" button. I believe this to be the issue because the url for the image is http instad of https and my strict rules block all non-https requests. Going into the php script and removing the image tag was a great work-around; I was able to get to the "next" button and install it properly. I had no issues past that point.

I still can't believe that work-around was posted less than 3 hours ago.

Sorry, but how should some one help if the reason why something doesn't work is unknown? The only suggestion is to look at logfiles, and this IS help... :wink: