Your version is up to date, but it is not

I would like to upgrade my OwnCloud from to 10.12.1. Similar to this case, the information on the admin settings page indicates that I am using the latest release (, stable channel).

How to tell updater that there is a newer version?

What version php are you running?

I have the same issue. My php version is 7.4.2.


My php version is 7.4.33.

How was it installed? Via your OS package manager, tar/zip file from download, or script-guided install?

PHP was installed by apt-get. I’m using Debian.
I have no problem with php and OwnCloud, but this issue. I’m getting information about new version of market’s applications and I got information about previous version of OwnCloud right after this case was solved.

Sorry I meant the Owncloud installation.

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Same here, I experienced the same issue.
PHP v7.4.33 on Debian 11.7

Owncloud installed via tar/zip file download,


i think you can still update manually as suggested in Manual ownCloud Upgrade :: ownCloud Documentation and don’t need the update notification for this.

For the update notification to appear i think you need to wait until some one from the ownCloud people is enabling it like happened here:

I already updated manually a week or so ago, so I won’t be able to verify if the notification works when someone published the updater config. At the same time, 10.12.1 has been out for a month, so it is strange that it hasn’t been published yet.

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from what i have read in the past updates with the notification has been often a little bit delayed by the ownCloud people so that only the more experienced users are updating their installation and if any additional unforeseen issue occurs it’s not the less experiences users which are updating and get stuck with such problems.

But maybe it was also just forgotten to publish the updater config. I think for now all we as users an do is to either wait for an official statement from some one of ownCloud or for the update of that config later.

Thanks for mentioning. The updater config did not update as planned, until yesterday night.

I found a fix, and as of today, the online updater advertises 10.12.1

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