Confused newbie. Web Interface Says Its about to update then fails

I’ve had the owncloud application installed on my own domain since 2014 but never got around to using it. Today I decided to try, so I clicked on the link within my CP and was taken to the Fullcloud web interface where I was confronted with a message telling me it was about to be updated to version 10.0.10.

Strange. I checked the version in my CP and it said 10.0.10 already.

As I haven’t got anything significant uploaded, there is no risk so I clicked the update button anyway. Then got the failure message

Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.

and when I looked at the forum post explaining that it gave the example that you can’t go from, say, version 8.1.2 straight to 10.0.10. You have to do it in stages, which is not unusual.

But how am I supposed to react when I’m already, apparently, on the latest version and it fails while trying to update me to the latest version??!!

The “detailed log” didn’t help. Here it is in its entirety

Preparing update
Set log level to debug
Turned on maintenance mode
Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.



i think you should find quite a lot existing threads about the very same question here at the forums. I did a short search like:

and immediately found various threads and an existing FAQ below.

If i understand those messages/threads correctly your ownCloud installation is not at at the version your CP is telling you. To solve this issue you would need to research which ownCloud version is currently active and then upgrade the versions up to 10.0.10 as ownCloud is expecting it by following the suggestions in the linked threads.

I think you basically shouldn’t trust any external CPs (this is probably from your vendor/hoster or similar?) about the version of ownCloud (e.g. how should ownCloud update itself if you havn’t used it since 2014?).

Instead you could have a look at the file “config.php” within your “config” folder to see your currently running ownCloud version.

Depending on the version there you could upgrade accordingly by following the suggestions in the threads above.

spot on.

The config file says V7.042

However, now the issue is how to update to the current version given that it won’t let me get from 7.042 to 10 in one go. Is there an idiot guide somewhere which tells us how to perform that trick?


i’m not sure if it makes that much sense to upgrade such an outdated but never used version to a recent one. Why not just drop the old version and start with a fresh 10.0.10 version? I think this could save you a lot of hassle with upgrading and possible issues while doing so.

yeah, that makes sense. Just checking that there’s nothing in it that matters, then I’ll delete and reinstall the current version.

unrelated quick question. I went looking for some sign of what capacity the fullcloud system offers and couldn’t find any sign of it. Where do we find that info?



i’m not sure what “fullcloud” is as only “ownCloud” is discussed here. But i think the capacity of ownCloud (if you’re talking about storage capacity) fully depend on the system which is hosting ownCloud.

oh, “Fullcloud” is the default name it gave the installation folder

So I’ve got the new version installed and I’ve decided to try to exploit it this time. I downloaded and installed the Owncloud desktop client and tried to connect. It found the online installation and accepted my username and pwd but failed with “405 Method not Allowed”

Any idea where I go for guidance on that?


Not without any information about your config. Sorry.
And it’s worth opening a new topic for that.

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