Desktop sync client 2.5.0 rc1 released

Edit: 8th of September 2018: We’re at rc1 :slight_smile:

Edit: 21st of August 2018: We’re at beta2 now with some more improvements and fixes.

We’re happy to announce the first beta of the new 2.5.0 desktop sync client. It comes with a lot of interesting features and fixes:

You can see the full ChangeLog and download links on GitHub. (if you don’t want to overwrite your normal client installation, pick the Testpilotcloud option)

A big thanks to all contributors and to you for testing/using this release :slight_smile:


Love to hear what people have done with .msi which they could not do with .exe before or what was easier to do!

2.5.1 is out -> Desktop Sync Client 2.5.1 released

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