Desktop sync & VFS client 2.6.0 final released

Hi everyone,

We released the beta1 of our sync and VFS client for ownCloud.

Major changes and additions:

EDIT: See post below for 2.6.0 final

Full ChangeLog:

We think this release is actually quite close to a final, so you should give it a try and report feedback :slight_smile:
Us usual, the testpilotcloud downloads are using a DIFFERENT config directory, so you can install that one alongside your standard client…

Have fun!

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We’re now at rc1. :slight_smile:

This might become the final 2.6.0 release if there is no bigger issues detected.

Download: scroll down for rc2

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We’re at rc2 now.


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Dear users, we’re at rc4 now.

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The final is out :slight_smile: