Forced upgrade every week

Steps to reproduce

  1. I have upgraded to the lates release 10.8.0 (from 10.4.0)
  2. The instance is running without problems
  3. Once a week (usually Tue) the server is blocked and an upgrade is required

Expected behaviour

No upgrade is required.

Actual behaviour

The upgrade is forced and I have to run sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade via CLI or web.
Message from the system cron:
ownCloud or one of the apps require upgrade - only a limited number of commands are available You may use your browser or the occ upgrade command to do the upgrade Update required, skipping cron

Server configuration

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

Web server: Apache 2.4.41

Database: MySQL 8.0.26

PHP version: 7.4.3

ownCloud version: 10.8.0

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: updated

I assume the logs should tell you, which app triggered the update.

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It is possible that you have run into the upgrade loop bug. The devs are working on it, see [QA] occ upgrade does nothing, although web-ui says 'Update needed' · Issue #38549 · owncloud/core · GitHub

If you have got duplicate apps in your apps/apps-external folder have a look at Update needed and nobody - #2 by cortho how to temporarily fix your issue.


Here is content of the log. Can you see which application required upgrade?

{“reqId”:“YROxXZMmSt08cvBWt0bK@QAAAAQ”,“level”:3,“time”:“11.08.2021 13:15:42”,“remoteAddr”:“2a01:9420:93:555:1168:b5eb:6a6c:d181”,“user”:"–",“app”:“index”,“method”:“GET”,“url”:"/owncloud/index.php/core/js/oc.js?v=e39bf1e5c457f35f0280c9484a4eb75a",“message”:“Exception: {“Exception”:“OC\\NeedsUpdateException”,“Message”:”",“Code”:0,“Trace”:"#0 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/legacy\/app.php(125): OC_App::loadApp()\n#1 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/legacy\/util.php(150): OC_App::loadApps()\n#2 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/base.php(926): OC_Util::setupFS()\n#3 \/var\/www\/owncloud\/index.php(54): OC::handleRequest()\n#4 {main}",“File”:"\/var\/www\/owncloud\/lib\/private\/legacy\/app.php",“Line”:189}"}
{“reqId”:“YROxYVlLOH9UzRg67-ccwQAAAAU”,“level”:0,“time”:“11.08.2021 13:15:45”,“remoteAddr”:“2a01:9420:93:555:1168:b5eb:6a6c:d181”,“user”:"–",“app”:“core”,“method”:“GET”,“url”:"/owncloud/core/ajax/update.php?requesttoken=NmpKM1shNhkVHwIFIyAxHQsXTAYNBSg8TD16LGcpFXs%3D%3AE3sg0olJZpcJnEISYDtSflIn6I4TRzS642gWSohv124%3D",“message”:“starting upgrade from to”}

I’ve changed permissions for apps/ … I’ll inform you about the result.


Today, forced upgrade again.

Have you doubly installed apps, in both dirs apps and apps-external?

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No installation for several weeks. I’ll check the server and let you know.
------------------------- common apps

With “common apps” you mean you have dupes of all these apps?

If so, I’d move the more recent version to the correct app-directory and then remove the older one.

files_mediaviewer, market → apps
activity, files_pdfviewer, files_texteditor → apps-external

But it’s still very strange, what triggers the update every Tuesday. I assume you don’t have some cron entries or so.

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OK, I’ll try to fix the apps. There is running a system cron every 15 minutes.

occ system:cron

This is normal, shouldn’t trigger updates. You could also check

occ background:queue:status

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Many thanks for your support. The server is running over 2 weeks without forced upgrade.

I’ll monitor the server for one more week and then close, if ok.


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