How Update OWNCLOUD server from 8.0.4 version on QNAP TS-470pro?

Goodmorning everyone,
I’m trying to figure out how to update ONCLOUD server on a QNAP platform currently at the old version v.8.0.4

I tried to ask QNAP but they reply that it does not depend on them but on OWNCLOUD directly.
Reading in the forum I understand that the libxml 2.7.0 libraries have not been released by QNAP.
Is there anyone from the OWNCLOUD staff who is able to follow and solve this serious failure?
There are several installations of OWNCLOUD hosted on QNAP servers by now and they begin to be incompatible with client versions.

Thank you for your kind attention.



if i understand your post correctly the QNAP device don’t have a recent libxml library which is required by ownCloud? If this is the case then i don’t think that anyone of ownCloud can help here. Or do i miss something?

But generally i don’t think that you can find that much ownCloud staff in this user based forums. AFAIK if there is anything which is required to be fixed in ownCloud it needs to be reported here:


i just had a few minutes left, searched around a little bit with the forums search on the top right and found the following thread below which seems to have discussed this topic thoroughly.

If i understand the whole thread correctly my assumption seems to be correct and the QNAP devices are not shipping a recent version of this libxml library required by ownCloud. AFAIK such libraries are included in the operating system so it seems to me that it is up to QNAP to update it.