Upgrade to 9.1 on Qnap

Currently, in Qnap App Center only a version 8.0.4 is available. Since Qnap offers a bit of a restricted environment I was wondering if there is a plan to upgrade to 9.1?


as this packages are provided by Qnap (or their community) the best is probably to contact one of the support channels of Qnap and ask if there are any plans to provide a 9.1 package.

The main challenge is that they would need to provide step by step upgrades:

8.0.4 -> latest 8.0.x -> latest 8.1.x -> latest 8.2.x -> latest 9.0.x -> latest 9.1.x

In the past they have failed to provide such an upgrade path to their users like seen on e.g.:


so the same might happen here as well.

Thanks for the feedback. I have checked with the Qnap support. They have opened a ticket. I hope that it will be prioritized for one of the next updates of Qnap.

The status can be tracked here

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Seems the following Wiki article has some additional info about oC9+ on QNAP:


However the statement there is not really true:

Owncloud 9 requires libxml version 2.7.0 or newer and that doesn't seem to exist on any QNAPs at this time (June 2016).

The requirement was always there:

This has broken before as well but we just didn't notice because peoples are not necessarily using our sync clients. Now with WebDAV in core also the web interface will break.

if just wasn't enforced for versions below oC9:

To sum-up:

People shouldn't run ownCloud on QNAP devices at all (even not oC 8.x) if QNAP is not providing libxml 2.7.0 or higher (which was btw. released on Aug 30 2008!!!!).

One addition:
On non-intel qnaps, mariadb has a broken InnoDB - which is needed.
Your only chance here is an outdated mysql version 5.1 ore so.
Also PHP is only at 5.6.

I got a RasPI3 and mount the qnap shares into OC there. Much quicker

Not sure if this is a sign of something slowly moving on Qnap side, but after the recent QTS update I have noticed that 8.0.16 is suddenly available. It cannot really be upgraded through the admin interface (due missing write permissions), but I hope that it is a sign that somebody started working the upgrade path through.

Check the changelogs of QNAP. Only because the upgrade notice is popping up doesn't mean updated all required packages.

Current clients are not supporting owncloud 8.0.x anymore, both for desktop and for mobile devices. Upgrade to owncloud 9 is highly requested. Hope that Qnap will progress here.