Integrity check validation of own files

I need to have some special files in owncloud WWW root directory. However, since version 10.x I get a complain about integrity check. This is a good thing, however, is there a way to somehow ``validate’’ own added files, so that the message isn’t shown anymore ?

Thank you.

You can disable the check, but this is not recommended.

Would you mind sharing the reason?

Thank you for this information. Disabling doesn’t seem a good idea, indeed.

The reason is that I developed a monitoring tool which gets some information from host to know its status (debian package updates, etc.). And I made a very simple system based on a file generated in owncloud root directory. I could of course create another vhost with this information, but I liked the simplicity of my monitor which didn’t need too much configuration.

So, I was wondering if I could somehow add custom files and have them validated in owncloud.

In this case, I assume ‘integrity.excluded.files’ might be helpful.

BTW, you cannot implement your monitoring tool as an app?

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Thank you very much. That was exactly what I was looking for. There is one file which is not easy to guess, so I assume I’m pretty safe even with this file being excluded.

I like to keep things simple as possible. I have multple machines to check and not only owncloud installations. So, my script monitors smtp, http(s), pop3/imap(s), mailqueues, debian update status, free space, etc. And for this I made very simple script which runs on each host to monitor which generates a file located on www root, so that I can access it remotely very easily.

I could write an app, but for now I do not have time for this :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your help.

Well, I think its a matter of design. I would suggest, that your script is creating its datafile elsewhere, and finally upload it to an ownCloud folder via WebDav.
But of course, its up to you. :wink:

Then my script would need to identify if it’s running on an owncloud instance or another kind of server. You’re right that it is a question of design. From my point of view, a monitoring system as to be the simple as possible :slight_smile: