ownCloud OPP - 10.0 release-based planning

Please post your feature wishes for the upcoming release according to the blog post (ownCloud Community: Open Planning Process) in here sticking to the following pattern:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable)
  • Quick summary of the use case
  • Problem it solves / why you think this is important

Apart from that, please vote for other feature wishes to participate in the process even if you do not have own suggestions. Discussion should be kept in the respective topics.

Have your voice!

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Furthermore a lot of dependencies like specific versions of libraries, PHP functions or even used linux binaries are hidden to the end user and ownCloud is just silently failing ( https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/14092) which is quite bad from UX perspective.


Get mess with update notification / updates via the updater app finally sorted out

  • Category: User experience
  • Link to GitHub issue with discussion: https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/24827
  • Quick summary use case: It should be made transparent to the end-user why updates via the updater app are delayed / not available
  • Why I think it's important: Since years it is not transparent to the end-user why updates or upgrades are not made available via the updater app. In the current case the updater app has a bug ( https://github.com/owncloud/updater/issues/350) causing this delay. However no information about this is provided officially. The end-user only sees that there is no update available.

Title: Use checksum on files to evaluate if the file needs to be up-/downloaded
Category: Sync process
Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable): https://github.com/owncloud/client/issues/3422
Quick summary of the use case: You want to sync a larger amount of data which is already on the client / have been copied manually without actually downloading it through the slow sync process or slow network connection.
Problem it solves / why you think this is important: There is a demand for this feature. Useful for provisioning of new clients. Even nice if only available on local storage and "known" (=was already transferred once through owncloud when the checksum was build) files on external storage.


Title: Support to move the data-folder
Category: Administration
Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable): https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/25970
Quick summary of the use case: Currently you cannot change the data-directory of your ownCloud installation. If you want to improve your setup (move data-directory out of document root) or you want to migrate to a different webhoster, you won't be able to do this.
Problem it solves / why you think this is important: This is an essential function and because there is no immediate error, many people do this already and risk to run into a problem later.


Title Storage limit for groups
Category Administration/Groups
Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable) -
Quick summary of the use case Group admins can create users with any storage limit, regardless what the admin set.
Problem it solves / why you think this is important Right now if someone becomes a group administrator they will have the right to create as many users as they want with any amount of storage quota without any restrictions (even unlimited) and also change their own storage quota that was set by the administrator himself/herself. The admin should be able to set limits of new users, also limits/quotas set by admin(s) should not be overwritable by other non-admin users. Also (I know I sound greedy) maybe groups should be users that can be managed by other users, with its own storage quota and storage space (and rights like downloading, uploading, modifying and deleting customizable for each group member), but the kind of users you can't log into (like www-data on Linux).


Title: User Management from the ownCloud UI
Category: User Management
Link to Central topic (and/or GitHub issue if applicable):
Disable a user:
https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/12601 (I hope it will be in the 9.2 release)
Send password reset or activation link to new user:
https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/17398 and https://github.com/owncloud/core/pull/18485 (I hope it will finally make it to 9.2)
Password minimum Requirements:
https://github.com/owncloud/core/pull/26436 (is the merge accepted? Can in be solved another way?)

Quick summary of the use case: The user management in the admin UI leads to "inventive" workarounds for creating/disabling users and there are no minimum password security requirements. I know ldap, occ and enterprise edition offer some more options here, but it would be very nice to have it all within the ownCloud UI.

Problem it solves / why you think this is important: The group "inactive" is useless at the moment, I have to change passwords and email addresses in order to keep files & shares and not giving the user the option to get back access to his account.
If I create a new user, I have to send login credentials manually by email or another communication channel to new users.
I can not guarantee a minimum password security if a user changes his password, If someone wants to set "1" as password, its possible. I know this is an enterprise feature but imho there should be at least a minimum to prevent users from using 123456 or other very insecure passwords – I am not talking about automatic password rotation policies and stuff like this, just the simple basics of creating a strong password. We often talk about very advanced stuff (2FA and so on) but accidents often happen at the very basic things because some users do not care about security at all.

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  • Title: Suggest a sharing name (for files or folders) at the sharing time
  • Category: Core / sharing
  • Link to GitHub issue: https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/26768
  • Quick summary of the use case:
    alice has a folder name "foo"
    alice opens the sharing box for "foo"
    alice sees an (optional) input dialog where she can suggest a folder name to the sharee (default / empty = real folder name)
    Once she has shared it to bob as "bar", bob will see it as bar the first time he sees the shared folder
  • Problem it solves / why you think this is important:
    In my case, I am sharing some photo folders, from a hierarchy like:


It makes it difficult to understand for my contacts, when I share 04... I wish I could say something like myName_holidays_04-2016 (or anything else)

We establish a shared, visible, transparent and democratic planning process for future releases in which every voice will be heard. Our intention is to connect people and motivate collaboration, improve participation and community involvement in the planning of future releases.

At least one voice was heard:

Yes. And the checksum one is actively worked on - really a client feature now. Generally in 10.0 the largest feedback base has been our customers - which is a group which does not work much on central ... In any case we will keep watching the others. ownCloud interaction with infrastructure and upgrades continues to be one of the hardest. Upgrades is worked on in connection with the marketplace.