Qpkg 10.0.10 to qnap

Por favor, é possivel desenvolver um owncloud qpkg ( qnap versão mais nova: 10.0.10).

Eu gosto muito do owncloud , mas para o qnap esta na versão 8.0.4 is deprecated. Por favor, é possivel atualizar para a 10.0.10 ?


i just can answer in English. This topic was discussed recently in the following topics and it looks to me that QNAP / someone of the QNAP community has/was maintained the packages and needs to provide an updated package (after solving the libxml issue mentioned there):

Owncloud X is availble on my Qnap.

I am currently not able to get poast the install screen as the read/write permissionss are a nightmare. Maria DB is setup all permissionss correct user permission same as 804 but will not write to the data directory… SOOO disappointed and cant find help anywhere!!!

Same issue - even if I open the directory up (/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/owncloudv10/data), doesn’t seem to want to behave.

Works fine with SQLite - MySQL is the right way to go. Ideas?

Glad it’s not just me … there is NO clear documentation on this being installed and maria DB is functioning fine on previous installation. I feel this reflects badly on owncloud X. Ive tried setting up as a docker and doesnt work there either. Now you may say this is qnap…buit it’s ownclouids logo and their brand thats being affected…some help please. I have 10 users using Apple Microsoft and Android to use for their business… I convincerd them to use owncloud over dropbox. Now previous versions are no longer supported and the new app is screwed…come on owncloud sort this out.

Господа) я нашел как поставить 10.0.10 на D4 Pro FW 4.3.6
Чтоб она работала с MariaDB:

  1. Создаём базу.
  2. Добавляем туда пользователя www-data без пароля.
  3. Добавляем пользователя который будет работать непосредственно с БД, имя не важно, пароль пустой.
    всё) она запустится на MariaDB.
    Но сразу говорю, что она ещё хуже чем 8.0.4 и настроить нормально её не получится.